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Wastewater & Trash Rate Increase


The sewer & trash collection rates for the Town of Kirklin will increase effective with the May 1, 2022 billing cycle. The sewer rates have not been increased since 2018 and will increase by 5%.  The monthly fee for trash collection has not been increased since 2015 and will increase by $1.00 per month.  To view the Sewer Rate Ordinance from our home page please click on *Residents *Sewer Utilities *Sewer Rates & Policies.  To view the trash pick-up rates please click on *Residents *Sanitation.  The Kirklin Town Council works to keep rates as low as possible while still maintaining our requirements with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and maintaining enough operating cash balance to function.  Although we have upgraded our Wastewater Treatment Plant recently, IDEM is requiring that we eleminate inflow and infiltration in our collection system (sewer pipes that run through town).  Our plan is to identify and eleminate "stormwater" lines that are connected to our "sanitary" sewer lines.  We have hired Commonwealth Engineers to develop a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to identify these areas and develop a plan of action.  The intent is to use the PER to apply for grant funding for the project.