Golf Cart Issues - April 23, 2020

This is a reminder that all golf carts must have a valid permit to be operated on town streets.&n... [more...]


Ordinances, Applications & Agreements

An ordinance is a law passed by a your Town of Kirklin government.  Ordinances for the Town of Kirklin may be found below. 

If you have any questions regarding a particular ordinance, please call Town Hall and we will be happy to help you.

Kirklin Code of Ordinances


Kirklin Sewer Rates & Charges Ord #5-2018-1

Kirklin Water Rates & Charges Ord #2018-11-2

Ordinance Prohibiting the Tampering with Water Meters #2019-5-1

Ordinance Creating Liability for the Repair or Replacement of Town Property #2019-5-2

Ordinance Declaring the Obstruction of Town Streets, Alleys and Public Rights of Way A Public Nuisance Affecting Peace and Safety #2019-5-3


Link to 2015 Unified Development Ordinance

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Applications & Agreements

Utility Service Application

Golf Cart Permit Application

Employment Application

Leak Adjustment Form

Sidewalk Enhancement Agreement

Sidewalk Enhancement Application

Payment arrangement (agreement) Form

Peddler, Solicitor Permit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

May I burn trash and leaves inside the town limits?

No, the Town of Kirklin does not allow the burning of trash or leaves at any time.  Please contact Town Hall if you have any questions.